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Are you single and ready to find romance online? Do you want to start free dating and finding someone in your local town to enjoy date nights with? There are lots of free dating sites for men and women in the UK, but none quite like Match Me Happy. This safe online dating site was created with the sole purpose of matching positive singles who want to find new people in their local area to chat to, go on romantic dates with and grow serious relationships! Join Match Me Happy and create your profile, upload photos, read and create diary entries that are shared with all singles, search for matches and send an introductory message for free! Free dating has never been easier!

Best Free Dating For Serious Relationships

Match Me Happy is an exciting place to find yourself while finding amazing matches and finding out what you want in a new relationship. Relationships can start in a flash or they can be slow burning but with this free dating site, you have the option to explore both! If you’re looking for a serious romantic relationship with someone that has you staying awake all night, feeling phantom phone vibrations from message notifications and aching for a chat, then Match Me Happy is the online dating site for you!

We understand that dating can be tough, online dating means that your pool of potential matches is bigger than ever. It can be tricky to streamline your choices and weed out the potential winners. But with this free dating site, you can tailor your romantic search to your own preferences. This means that if you would prefer to match with a petite brunette who loves foreign holidays and works in the city, you can search for them using that criteria – for free! If you would love to meet someone who is curvy, loves to listen to live music and is family orientated, Match Me Happy can help you find them for free! Free dating and Match Me Happy go hand in hand!

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Connections between matches can be felt in many ways, you can create an incredible connection with someone through messages online, telephone calls and video messages. You don’t have to physically see someone to know that the spark you feel is real. With this free dating site, it is so easy to make genuine connections with males and females from all over the UK.

Dating with Match Me Happy can be done at your own pace and you have all of the power! You can chat to as many singles and potential matches as you like, you can upload photos to your profile to show off everything incredible about yourself, and you can line up face to face dates for every weekend of the year! As a member of this free dating site, you are in control! Unlike other free dating sites, Match Me Happy puts you in the driving seat – so you can embrace having your pick of singles and matches and planning fun days out and romantic dinner dates!

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