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Tips on you getting the most out of your profile

Competition in the world of online dating is fierce. So fierce, in fact, that some people resort to lying or posting old photos of themselves to try and attract that all important date.

It’s essential that you are honest throughout profile…yes including those photos!!

Over the coming days we will be posting the three most important things you can do to build a better profile.

Here is our first tip to get you started.

Never be Negative

We all hate this awkward situation when your new date sits down with you only to spend the evening complaining about his/her work or even worse…. the ex, negative talk is a major turn-off for the majority if singles out there. Well…the same applies to your profile. Being positive is like a magnet, it attracts positive people.

Stand out from the crowd, be unique but still be you!

here is a good example of a typical profile:

“I am a fun person who loves moves and music. I like walks on the beach, good conversation, and dining out. I’m looking for someone who is fun and can make me laugh.”

How many times have we all read profiles just like the above??

So how do you change it? Try to make your profile more descriptive and unique. Instead of “I like music”, say “my favourite music is _________ because _________”

Make good use of clever words that are also descriptive. Instead of saying:

“on hot days I like to go to the beach,” say, “on a sizzling day my adventurous side often takes me to the beach to find some dun and cool down in the ocean”

Try to make your profile stand out as much as possible by jazzing it up sentence by sentence. Be descriptive, unique, and fun!

Filtering out the replies you don’t want

Your profile isn’t about getting as many responses as you can. It is about getting the response from the type of person you want to meet. Try, using descriptions in your profile to help narrow it down to what your really looking for.

Instead of “I’m looking for someone fun,” say,

“I’m looking for a humorous man between the ages of 24 and 29 who enjoys a good laugh. If you HAVE A BEARD and can hold A GOOD CONVERSATION with a few laughs included during a 100 mile car journey, then we COULD be a match! Message me if this is you!”

You have included three filters in that one statement above:

Age, your preference for a man with a beard and someone who can make great conversation.

Well that wraps up our three best hints for a great profile.

Now go and give it a go on your profile!! xx