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Can The Season Really Affect Your Dating/Love Life?

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Does season affect your love life?

You might assume long balmy evenings were the peak time for sultry seduction and sexual pursuits. Surprisingly though, it seems our love lives nose-dive as the weather heats up, then improve later in the year as the temperature drops.

Biology and lifestyle changes come together to reduce sexual encounters in the Summer, then raise libido over the colder months. If you’re a member of a free online dating site, prepare to experience a boost in profile views, as Jack Frost puts potential partners in the mood for love.

Sluggish And Sweaty

A gentle musk from a lover can be a turn on, but a full-on Summer sweat fest is not attractive. For many people the Summer months are just too hot for spontaneous love making, as they may feel self-conscious about their own body odour, or repelled by their partners powerful scent.

But it’s not just personal comfort that reduces libido in the Summer. Science has programmed us to have more sex in the colder months, to improve the chances of babies being born at a more favourable time of year.

Conkers, Blackberries And Testosterone

It’s not just conkers and blackberries that are in abundance in October, testosterone production increases at this time of year too. This doesn’t only affect men, women are at the mercy of this powerful hormone too. During the Summer months, high temperatures and long days cause a decrease in testosterone, resulting in a corresponding drop in sexual appetite. Studies have shown that testosterone levels in men and women rise again throughout Autumn, as our bodies detect a decrease in temperature and reduction in daylight hours, peaking in December, before slowly decreasing again over the Spring.

Fertile Festive Season

Sperm don’t like to be too warm, which is why they are kept a safe distance from heat-generating internal organs. In August sperm counts are at their lowest, making this a difficult time to conceive. As the outside temperature drops, sperm count rises, peaking over November and December.

The combination of a peak in testosterone and sperm count is Nature’s way of encouraging Winter conceptions and Summer births. Babies born in the late Summer and early Autumn, benefit from a warmer environment, while their nursing mothers have access to an abundance of freshly harvested food. In an age of central heating and supermarkets, this phenomenon is less vital to the survival of our species, although it does help to reduce the number of babies born at the time of year when contagious illnesses are more prevalent.

Hot Chocolate, Hot Love Life

Our eating and drinking habits also influence our sex drive. On a cold winter’s night, snuggling up with a mug of cocoa is a warming treat before bedtime. And since cocoa is rich in flavonoids, it boosts blood flow to sexual organs, making it a natural aphrodisiac. So if you planning an early night, a hot chocolate is the perfect start.

Keep Warm In Bed

With gas prices on the increase and incomes squeezed, many couples are opting to jump under the covers in the evening, to save on their heating bills. And the best way to stay warm is to keep moving. If you’re moving around while under the bed covers, it seems logical you will see an improvement in your sex life.

Facebook Science

Facebook science tells us that relationships are more likely to fail in the Summer and bloom in the colder months. An analysis of Facebook data on users’ relationship status showed that there were more break-ups in the Summer and users were more likely to announce new relationships or engagements in Autumn months.

If you’re feeling depressed at the thought of a long cold Winter, take heart in the knowledge that your love life may be about to experience a pleasing up turn.