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How to Perfect Your Online Profile Pictures

When you’re setting up a free online dating account, your profile pictures are worth more than a thousand words. Physical appearance is an important aspect of online dating. But in addition to this, your profile picture communicates so much about your personality and lifestyle are. Find out how to strike the perfect pose, and deliver the message you intend with a flattering photo.

Do It Yourself

Taking a selfie can be easier than modelling for someone else. In the privacy of your own home you can try out lots of different shots, outfits and poses, and take as many snaps as you want without trying someone else’s patience.

However, if all your photos online are selfies you can come across as a little lonely. If you decide to take a headshot of yourself for your profile picture, include some more active shots in that indicate a fun and fulfilling life in other images attached to your profile.

Pick Your Moment

What you are feeling on the inside will shine through in the photograph. If you take your photo on a day when you are feeling insecure and lacking in confidence, your smile will appear fake and your eyes will be dull. Grab some photos whenever you feel your spirit soaring so you can capture the true glint in your eye and glow in your cheeks.

Try, Try And Try Again

The greatest benefit of digital photography is that you can snap and delete with wild abandon. Take hundreds of images of yourself in different outfits, locations, and lighting conditions, and then simply choose whichever is the most flattering.

Strike A Pose

Employ these professional modelling tips to strike the perfect pose:- Gently push your teeth with your tongue while smiling.- Take the image from a slightly raised angle, so you chin is tilting up. This avoids unflattering skin folds and shadows.

Get The Right Res

Your camera phone might do the trick when capturing a few fun selfies on a night out, but for a seriously good profile picture you need to use a good quality camera. If you start with a low-resolution image, by the time you’ve cropped, spun and edited the picture, the result will be a blurry mess. Start with a high-resolution photo and the final image will be crisp and sharp.

Post Production

Most phones and cameras have options to alter the image slightly. Using a moody tint, or clever cropping can give a more professional finish, but avoid using blurring or black and white colouring, as people visiting your profile may feel this doesn’t reflect your true appearance.

Leave It Alone

Once you have uploaded a profile picture, leave it alone. Visitors to your profile will expect to see the same image each time they come back. If the photo, they arrive at looks different to what they saw last time they may resort to hitting the back button. For this reason, it is important to get the image right the first time. If you don’t have a photo you are happy with yet, don’t upload one at all. If you do, the chances are you will lose the feeling of urgency to get a new image in place, and make do with the lower quality picture for months.

Privacy Considerations

When you post a photo online of yourself, it becomes searchable using Google’s image search function. If you wish to keep your other online accounts separate from your free dating site account, don’t use the same image for multiple profiles and enhance the security settings on your existing online images.