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First Date Dilemmas: Tips on What to Wear?

So long as you look clean, tidy and responsibly attractive, does it really matter what you wear on a first date. Well, yes actually, it matters. It matters a lot.

Your date will make a snap judgement about whether or not they are attracted to you based on how you look. You can’t change much about your physical appearance; all you can do is make the most of the features your mother gave you. But you can change your outfit.

Whether you usually spend hours agonising in front of the mirror or quickly grab the first item to hand from the ironing pile, these top tips will help you plan the perfect first-date outfit.

An Outfit That Fits Well

This may seem obvious, but how well an outfit fits you will largely dictate how good you look. It may be tempting to squeeze into an old favourite, but wearing clothes that are too tight can give the impression you are larger than you really are. But that doesn’t mean going oversized will create a slender look. Clothes that are too big, usually look more scruffy than slimming.

Tip Top Condition

Fashion matters less than the overall appearance of the garment. It might be an expensive designer top but if it’s bobbling or has a hole in it, throw it out. Unkempt clothing can give the impression their wearer doesn’t care about their appearance. Better to wear something clean, fresh, well fitted and inexpensive, than a fashionable but tired garment.

Reflect Your Preferred Mate

If you are hoping to attract a relaxed beach babe who enjoys the outdoors life, dressing up in a suit and tie is unlikely to bring you attention from a suitable match. Your outfit should not only reflect your own personality, but also be attractive to the type of single you are hoping to meet.

Dress For The Date

Your outfit should be suitable for the date you have planned. If you will be walking, wear comfortable shoes as your date is unlikely to find hobbling and wincing with pain, attractive. Also wearing an unsuitable outfit for the planned activity will make it obvious to everyone who sees that you are out on a date, rendering you cripplingly self-conscious and unable to enjoy the experience. You should also keep in mind the time of day you are meeting, and be prepared for the weather. Your date will not appreciate changing their plans because you forgot your coat, and you want to give the impression that you are competent, fully functional adult, able to take care of themselves.

Avoid Statement Garments

That Anchorman slogan t-shirt may be hilarious when heading to the pub with your mates, but it shouldn’t be worn on a first date. Slogans, jokes, bands, and political statements are best avoided when planning your outfit. By all means talk about them, but don’t walk around with them emblazoned on your body.

Look Good, Feel Good

The opinion you have about your outfit is just as important as what your date thinks of it. What you wear will have an affect on how you feel, and in turn this will impact on how much your date enjoys your company. Dress in an outfit in which you feel comfortable and confident.

If you are using a free online dating site, these tips apply equally well when dressing for your profile picture too. So if you’ve uploaded a snap of yourself in a scruffy hoody and holey jeans, consider taking a new photo that gives a better first impression of your fashion sense.