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Blind Date Tips

From planning the date to dealing with disappointment, these blind date tips will help you navigate that first meeting.

Safety First

Whether you are going on a blind date arranged by friends, or meeting for the first time after connecting on a free dating site, you should always put your safety first with these tips:

– Plan to meet somewhere safe and public
– If you need to travel together use public transport or a cab, don’t get into the other persons car.
– Tell a friend or family member where you are and arrange to call them by a particular time so they know you got home safely.

Date Preparations

Plan a date around an activity to give you both something to focus on, and alleviate the pressure to make sparkling conversation for two hours solid.

Be prepared with three different suggestions of varying activity level, and make sure the options do not require special equipment or clothing. Good blind date activities include visiting a famous local landmark, going to a craft or cooking workshop, and taking a boat out on a river.

If you hit it off you might want to go on to dinner afterwards, if not you can leave without awkwardness as the activity comes to its natural conclusion.

Resist Making Judgements

Snap decisions about attractiveness and desirability are made within the first few seconds of a date. If you’ve jumped to an unfavourable conclusion about the other person, don’t let that spoil the rest of the date for you both.

You have already made the effort to be there, as have they, so the date is going ahead whether you sulk about it or not. Instead of feeling hard done by and pessimistic, approach the date with an open mind. Be aware as soon as judgements and negative talk pops into your head, because this will colour how you view the person for the rest of the date. Approach them with an open mind, curious and kind and you will get to see the best of them. Of course you still might not like them but the date should be more enjoyable and at least you gave them a fair chance.

Lower Your Expectations

This doesn’t mean you should talk down your date before you’ve even met them. But you should approach the meeting with the attitude that this is simply an opportunity to meet someone new. If you charge into the date with expectations of eternal love and marriage proposals you are likely to be bitterly disappointed.

Don’t Criticise Blind Dates

However much you may want to say “going on a blind date is so lame isn’t it”, don’t. Even if the other person is saying this, do not join in, because it will give the impression that you don’t really want to be there. Following up with a compliment won’t save you as that compliment will be tainted with negativity. A simple “I’ve been looking forward to meeting you in person” will be just fine.

Remember You Are Linked

Even though you have never met this person before, as someone has arranged this blind date for you, you must somehow be linked through mutual friends. Keep this mind during the date, as anything you say about someone else may make it’s way back to them. And remember to be polite about the date when reporting back to the person that set you up, as any feedback will likely get back to the other datee.

Armed with these blind date tips you can stride confidently towards you meeting with a complete stranger with a curious mind and a hopeful heart.