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Naked Dating: Liberating Daters or just a cheap stunt?

This Summer saw the launch of VH1’s controversial new dating show, “Dating Naked”. With just about every format of boy contestant meets girl contestant, then evaluate each other in post-date interview being done to death, VH1 have spiced things up by taking away their clothes. “Dating Naked” is a new show in which the contestants are completely naked when they meet, and while they date. Whilst their modesty is protected from the viewing public by some carefully positioned pixels, the other contestants have a full 360 degree view of it all hanging out.

Nakedness Rocks

This may seem like a (successful) publicity seeking stunt to boost viewing figures, but dating in the nude does offer a few benefits. Many people find that once they get over the initial awkwardness of being unclothed, they relax, release their inhibitions and are more open. In their naked state they allow their true personality to shine through, rather than the character that conforms to the image they have carefully crafted via their outfit.

Conversations happen with a deeper level of connection as both parties remain fully focused. There’s no need to nod and smile while trying to imagine the other person naked, you can see it all already. The interaction is not spoiled by background brain chatter assessing clothes, shoes, choice of attire, brands and styling.

Also for many people, being physically attracted to a person is one of the most important determining factors for a date’s success. Someone who is naturally cautious or even pessimistic may hold back from feeling attracted to someone’s personality, until they feel confident they will also be sexually attracted to their body. With naked dating, there’s no need to reserve judgement, or be conflicted between character and physique as you are presented with the whole package at the same time.

More Comfortable In Clothes

While it’s possible to see the appeal in naked dating, there are a few practical considerations that can’t be ignored.

Firstly, for men, there is a fairly visible problem. While naked there will be no way to keep your level of sexual arousal a secret. This strips you of the opportunity to play it cool, and hands all the power over to your date.

Secondly, the TV programme is set in Panama, because naked bodies are a lot more attractive when freely leaping about in a tropical climate, than when they are shrivelled up, shivering with cold. This requirement for temperatures of 30C + rather limits the location possibilities for naked dating.

Finally, there aren’t that many activities suitable for a first date, that can be completed naked. Restaurants, cinemas and coffee shops take a dim view of patrons arriving minus their clothing, and ice skating, rock climbing and paintballing are downright dangerous in the nude.

Suitable For TV Only

If you usually undress with the lights off, and shuffle out of bed with your modesty carefully protected by the duvet then this kind of dating is not for you.

However, if you are someone who enjoys leaping about the bedroom, totally nude, then you may enjoy the freedom that comes with naked dating.

The number one rule when first meeting someone you’ve connected with on a free dating site, is to arrange for the date to be in a public place, so being naked isn’t really an option. On a practical level, naked dating would be difficult to achieve safely, without the support and financial backing of a TV channel.

However, there are some nudist organisations, and speed dating companies that organise occasional clothes-free dating events for those who are single and adventurous.