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Don't rush in too soon
As hyped as you may feel, it is essential you keep your cool after your first date. So save the fist-pumping and air-guitar until you reach the privacy of your own home, and play it cool in the aftermath of your first liason. Why Kill The Joy? If you’re walking on sunshine after meeting someone new, it seems a little pessimistic to squash that joy and keep the good feelings in check. But there are lots of good reasons for keeping it real. Firstly, if you leap about in a Tom Cruise declaration Read more [...]

Free Online Dating - Match Me Happy showcases Match Me Happy in feature article. Here's what they have to say: "Match Me Happy is a U.K. dating site that sets users free. On this online network, singles won’t find any match algorithms standing between them and romance. Instead of assuming a formula can work out who’s best for you, this dating site puts users in the driver’s seat of choosing a love interest." Read more Read more [...]

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Who says festival dates can't be fun?
Summer is upon us and the UK is boasting a full itinerary of music festivals. If you’re looking for an unusual way to get to know someone, consider going on a festival date. Some Reservations No, not the hotel booking kind. The ‘I’m not really sure this is such a great idea’ kind of reservations. If you are baulking at the idea of heading into a muddy field with a complete stranger, armed with nothing more than a lukewarm beer, and a shared love of music, read on. Your reservations about Read more [...]

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Staying safe online
Rock climbing, roller coasters and online dating - they’re a whole bag of fun, excitement and adventure. And just like other thrill-seeking activities, certain precautions are needed to keep you safe. Stay sensible with these top safety tips for online dating. Social Media Security Once someone knows your full name, a little cyber stalking is inevitable. Give yourself a Google to find out what information is publicly available, and consider adjusting the privacy settings on your Facebook updates, Read more [...]

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Three's a crowd?
That first date with someone you’ve met on a free dating site can be a nerve-racking affair. Although unconventional, bringing a mate along is becoming an increasingly popular option among singles looking for love. Let’s take a look at the potential positives and pitfalls associated with a date + mate meeting. Embarrassment Potential It’s hard work striking the balance between Dutch courage and loss of consciousness on a date. Now imagine monitoring not just your own alcohol intake, but also Read more [...]

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Don't let your inane conversation send your date running!
Now you've overcome the enormous hurdle of arranging that first date, it's time to turn your attention to the nerve-jangling question of what to talk about. Memorise this mental check-list of subjects to swerve to avoid your date descending into boredom or ending in an argument. 1. Your Single Status The person you are meeting already knows you are single. You don’t need to talk about how past loves slipped through your fingers, or that until now you've been knee-deep in work. It is not a Read more [...]

This may sound counter-intuitive, but you may not be the best person to choose your dates. Now if you were going to buy a pair of shoes, you wouldn't wait in a coffee shop while your friend picks out a nice pair, hoping they fit your feet, as well as theirs. If you are going on holiday, you don't give your friends free reign to choose the destination. These are important decisions, and as you are the person who will enjoy / endure the outcome, then it is you who does the choosing. So surely Read more [...]

From planning the date to dealing with disappointment, these blind date tips will help you navigate that first meeting. Safety First Whether you are going on a blind date arranged by friends, or meeting for the first time after connecting on a free dating site, you should always put your safety first with these tips: - Plan to meet somewhere safe and public - If you need to travel together use public transport or a cab, don’t get into the other persons car. - Tell a friend or family Read more [...]

Introducing four random facts about dating, and tips on how you can use this new found knowledge when playing the dating game. Snappy Decisions A date has decided how attracted they are to you within the first 3 seconds of seeing. This may seem harsh, but it’s a scientifically proven fact. Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania studied the outcomes of speed dating meetings and found that attractiveness was judged on factors that became known in the first 3 seconds of the start Read more [...]

Online dating is not a new concept, and yet many people still desperately cling on to the misconceptions, myths and misunderstandings that have plagued this route to romance since the 1990s. Here we debunk some of the most common theories. Dating Website Members Are Desperate / Ugly / Undesirable / Insert Criticism Here It’s a commonly held misconception that the only people frequenting online dating sites are those that the process of natural selection has deemed to be unfit for breeding. Read more [...]

Relationship more sour than sweet? Happier to see the retreating back of your partner than their smiling face? All relationships have times of tension,...