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How To Move In For The First Kiss
The first kiss with a new partner can feel like a make-or-break moment in a budding relationship. You can allay your nerves a little with these top preparation tips. Please keep in mind that these only apply for those first tentative smooches. Once you’ve passed that initial awkward phase, don’t feel restricted by this how-to guide - freestyle your kissing action. Pre-Pucker Preparation Bad breath, yellow teeth, dinner remnants, chapped lips, any of these could make your date recoil in horror. Read more [...]

Dating Disaster - Match Me Happy
Dating Disaster? Should I Give it Another Chance? It was the date from hell! The second hand on the clock ticked by so slowly you felt like eons had passed. Or maybe you dribbled red wine down the front of your cream dress, then became so absorbed in your self-consciousness that you totally failed to keep up with the conversation. Perhaps you, or they, or both of you, had a few too many drops of Dutch courage, and ended the date sliding out of a taxi, before your flatmate dragged you back in through Read more [...]

Naked Dating: Liberating Daters or just a cheap stunt?
Could you date whilst naked?
This Summer saw the launch of VH1’s controversial new dating show, "Dating Naked". With just about every format of boy contestant meets girl contestant, then evaluate each other in post-date interview being done to death, VH1 have spiced things up by taking away their clothes. “Dating Naked” is a new show in which the contestants are completely naked when they meet, and while they date. Whilst their modesty is protected from the viewing public by some carefully positioned pixels, the other Read more [...]

Finding love amongst the hay bales
Finding love amongst the hay bales
Living out in the countryside, you may feel like the only single for miles around. In fact you may well be the only single person for miles around. Here we take a look at coming to turns with your single status when you live out in the sticks and what you can do about it. Celebrating Singledom Before you run headlong into a plan to find love, take a closer look at how you feel about being single. The expectation in the countryside tends to be towards younger marriages, with couples hooking up Read more [...]

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Secrets of French kissing
The French are rated very highly in the league of love. Their racy reputation was enhanced when British soldiers returning from their First World War, brought with them the startling sexy kissing technique, known as French kissing. We adopted their tongue twizzling kissing technique around a hundred years ago, and yet for many women the Frenchmen remains a far more romantic proposition that a Brit. There must be more to their magnetic allure than this intimate display of affection. What so is there Read more [...]

Dating Men with Beard
We all know that dates, especially first ones, can be a nerve-wracking experience. Of course, women are won over by a man’s personality and charm but first visual impressions do count. Forbes reported that you have 7 seconds to create a first impression and, as shallow as it is, those first 7 seconds of a date will probably be spent by checking each other out. Making sure you are as polished and as groomed as possible can be a great way to create a positive lasting first impression and make sure Read more [...]

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Now is not the time to discuss your diet
Establishing a rapport with someone from a free dating site via online messaging is made a whole lot easier by the time delay between receiving messages and replying, and the ability to edit what you are writing. Once you’ve graduated to real-life dates, you will need to impress in the flesh and in real time. This isn’t all about looks though. A man on a date is looking to connect with your personality and have a good time. Help you fledgling relationship get off to a flying start by avoiding Read more [...]

Couple Kissing - Match Me Happy
Don't rush in too soon
As hyped as you may feel, it is essential you keep your cool after your first date. So save the fist-pumping and air-guitar until you reach the privacy of your own home, and play it cool in the aftermath of your first liason. Why Kill The Joy? If you’re walking on sunshine after meeting someone new, it seems a little pessimistic to squash that joy and keep the good feelings in check. But there are lots of good reasons for keeping it real. Firstly, if you leap about in a Tom Cruise declaration Read more [...]

Free Online Dating - Match Me Happy showcases Match Me Happy in feature article. Here's what they have to say: "Match Me Happy is a U.K. dating site that sets users free. On this online network, singles won’t find any match algorithms standing between them and romance. Instead of assuming a formula can work out who’s best for you, this dating site puts users in the driver’s seat of choosing a love interest." Read more Read more [...]

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Who says festival dates can't be fun?
Summer is upon us and the UK is boasting a full itinerary of music festivals. If you’re looking for an unusual way to get to know someone, consider going on a festival date. Some Reservations No, not the hotel booking kind. The ‘I’m not really sure this is such a great idea’ kind of reservations. If you are baulking at the idea of heading into a muddy field with a complete stranger, armed with nothing more than a lukewarm beer, and a shared love of music, read on. Your reservations about Read more [...]

Competition in the world of online dating is fierce. So fierce, in fact, that some people resort to lying or posting old photos of...