French Kissing – Why the French do Romance so much better than...

French Kissing – Why the French do Romance so much better than us?

Couple Kissing
Secrets of French kissing

The French are rated very highly in the league of love. Their racy reputation was enhanced when British soldiers returning from their First World War, brought with them the startling sexy kissing technique, known as French kissing. We adopted their tongue twizzling kissing technique around a hundred years ago, and yet for many women the Frenchmen remains a far more romantic proposition that a Brit. There must be more to their magnetic allure than this intimate display of affection. What so is there anything else we can learn from our brothers across the Channel?

Manners And Etiquette

A Frenchman’s manners extend beyond holding doors open and minding his p’s and q’s. He wants to please his lover, and puts her needs ahead of his own in the bedroom. His enjoyment of sex is intertwined with his lover’s pleasure, so you won’t find him monopolising the fun.

Jump Feet First

In France there’s no dillydallying about love declaration. That awkward period of dating someone new, but keeping your free dating profile active simply doesn’t happen, because with a Frenchman dating is a black and white matter: You are either in a relationship or you’re not.

This early declaration of intent ensure both partners in the relationship know where they stand, enabling them to relax and enjoy the ride.

Romantic Even After Sex

The French maintain their romantic allure even after sex. Where some couples may enjoy a post-sex cigarette, or snooze among the slightly sweaty bed sheets, the French call these peaceful post-coital moments of bliss ‘La Petit Mort’ or ‘the little death’.

The Best Of Everything

In France, if you’re going to do something, then you do it right. There’s no slap dash approach to dating here. The Frenchman arrives well-groomed in a sharp outfit, to entertain his lady at a well planned date, with the best atmosphere, wine and food. Who could help but fall in love?


The Frenchman not only allows public displays of affection, but positively encourages them. What can be more romantic than a man willing to demonstrate his love for you in front of a public audience? From hand holding to hugging, romantic gazes to full on snogs, these frequent loving connections foster an enhanced sense of intimacy and helps a budding love grow.

Staying In The Moment

Frenchman are able to stay in the present moment, without ruining the mood by angsting over the future or commiserating about the past. They fully appreciate the relationship for what it is right now, enabling them to give their lady their full attention, energy and enthusiasm.

Romance In Their Culture

The Romantic generation of writers was born in 19th century France. Their novels, plays and poems portrays love as something so delicious it was worth dying for. With such sentiments so deeply embedded within their national culture, it’s little wonder Frenchmen take love so seriously.

Ladies Beware

But be warned that the French value love over monogamy. Your silver-tongued Frenchmen may seem to worship the ground you walk on and fill your every waking moment with romance, but you may not be the only beau in his life.

The French are much more tolerant of infidelity, provided it abides by certain rules. Firstly, the affair must be kept private so as not to embarrass the legitimate spouse or partner. Secondly, the other woman should not be someone from your inner circle, making neighbours, work colleagues and friends off-limits.

Ladies, beware the allure of the romantic Frenchman, as all may not be as it seems.

Men, brush up on your sex etiquette, and give your love freely, and you too can enjoy the attraction commanded by your European counterparts.