First Date Tips

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How To Move In For The First Kiss
The first kiss with a new partner can feel like a make-or-break moment in a budding relationship. You can allay your nerves a little with these top preparation tips. Please keep in mind that these only apply for those first tentative smooches. Once you’ve passed that initial awkward phase, don’t feel restricted by this how-to guide - freestyle your kissing action. Pre-Pucker Preparation Bad breath, yellow teeth, dinner remnants, chapped lips, any of these could make your date recoil in horror. Read more [...]

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Don't rush in too soon
As hyped as you may feel, it is essential you keep your cool after your first date. So save the fist-pumping and air-guitar until you reach the privacy of your own home, and play it cool in the aftermath of your first liason. Why Kill The Joy? If you’re walking on sunshine after meeting someone new, it seems a little pessimistic to squash that joy and keep the good feelings in check. But there are lots of good reasons for keeping it real. Firstly, if you leap about in a Tom Cruise declaration Read more [...]

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Three's a crowd?
That first date with someone you’ve met on a free dating site can be a nerve-racking affair. Although unconventional, bringing a mate along is becoming an increasingly popular option among singles looking for love. Let’s take a look at the potential positives and pitfalls associated with a date + mate meeting. Embarrassment Potential It’s hard work striking the balance between Dutch courage and loss of consciousness on a date. Now imagine monitoring not just your own alcohol intake, but also Read more [...]

Introducing four random facts about dating, and tips on how you can use this new found knowledge when playing the dating game. Snappy Decisions A date has decided how attracted they are to you within the first 3 seconds of seeing. This may seem harsh, but it’s a scientifically proven fact. Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania studied the outcomes of speed dating meetings and found that attractiveness was judged on factors that became known in the first 3 seconds of the start Read more [...]

So long as you look clean, tidy and responsibly attractive, does it really matter what you wear on a first date. Well, yes actually, it matters. It matters a lot. Your date will make a snap judgement about whether or not they are attracted to you based on how you look. You can’t change much about your physical appearance; all you can do is make the most of the features your mother gave you. But you can change your outfit. Whether you usually spend hours agonising in front of the mirror Read more [...]

When you're playing the dating game, the occasional bore-magedon is inevitable. Make the most of it, or learn to escape in style with these top tips for handling disaster dates. Too Quick To Judge Firstly, before you start thinking about deploying an exit strategy, consider the possibility that you are judging too harshly and too quickly. Maybe your date is nervous? Maybe your date has come straight from work, and it takes them a while to change mental gears? Not everyone can walk up Read more [...]

The morning after the night before holds the potential of unbridled lottery-winning joy, or terrifying guilt-ridden shame. Whether you've made the next step with a regular date or hopped into bed with a stranger from a bar, these top tips will help you make it out the door with your dignity in tact. 1. Leave Don't expect to spend the next day with them. They have a life all of their own and your presence will disrupt their plans for the day. You need at least to pretend you too have Read more [...]

Even though Match Me Happy is a free dating website we understand that when it comes to dating, there is a constant battle to organize fun and action packed dates. Lets face it though, after a while it can be difficult to keep things exciting on a budget, especially in a big city like London. Have no fear; there are a whole host of fun date opportunities in London that will not only excite your date, but your bank account too. Take a walk The scenic Thames Path walk from Westminster Read more [...]

Some say that first dates are like interviews and it's easy to see why. Consider that most dates revolve around a glass of wine, cup of coffee or over dinner. But why should they? First dates are awkward as it is without making small talk and frankly digging to find a common interest or experience. So why not break your first date ritual and plump for something a little more engaging. Here are a few first date ideas to get you started. Inamo Restaurant Inamo is a fantastic option for a first, Read more [...]

Jeff and Clara met on an online dating site. And any similarity with a normal relationship ends there. Instead of quick drink in a local bar, or a trip to the cinema, Jeff wooed Clara with an extraordinary challenge: to spend three weeks travelling across Europe, without any luggage. Jeff threw down the gauntlet in only his third message to Clara, and with little hesitation she accepted. The couple booked outbound flights, plus tickets home, and arranged the necessary visas, but that's where Read more [...]

Relationship more sour than sweet? Happier to see the retreating back of your partner than their smiling face? All relationships have times of tension,...