Naked Dating: Liberating Daters or just a cheap stunt?
Could you date whilst naked?
This Summer saw the launch of VH1’s controversial new dating show, "Dating Naked". With just about every format of boy contestant meets girl contestant, then evaluate each other in post-date interview being done to death, VH1 have spiced things up by taking away their clothes. “Dating Naked” is a new show in which the contestants are completely naked when they meet, and while they date. Whilst their modesty is protected from the viewing public by some carefully positioned pixels, the other Read more [...]

Couple Kissing
Secrets of French kissing
The French are rated very highly in the league of love. Their racy reputation was enhanced when British soldiers returning from their First World War, brought with them the startling sexy kissing technique, known as French kissing. We adopted their tongue twizzling kissing technique around a hundred years ago, and yet for many women the Frenchmen remains a far more romantic proposition that a Brit. There must be more to their magnetic allure than this intimate display of affection. What so is there Read more [...]

Free Online Dating - Match Me Happy showcases Match Me Happy in feature article. Here's what they have to say: "Match Me Happy is a U.K. dating site that sets users free. On this online network, singles won’t find any match algorithms standing between them and romance. Instead of assuming a formula can work out who’s best for you, this dating site puts users in the driver’s seat of choosing a love interest." Read more Read more [...]

Couple eating
Don't let your inane conversation send your date running!
Now you've overcome the enormous hurdle of arranging that first date, it's time to turn your attention to the nerve-jangling question of what to talk about. Memorise this mental check-list of subjects to swerve to avoid your date descending into boredom or ending in an argument. 1. Your Single Status The person you are meeting already knows you are single. You don’t need to talk about how past loves slipped through your fingers, or that until now you've been knee-deep in work. It is not a Read more [...]

It would seem that the old advice to 'fake it until you make it' works just as well with relationships as it does in careers. Studies have found that our physical appearance is less important than flirting skills in determining your attractiveness to the opposite sex. Not convinced? Here are the top 7 reasons that flirting trumps looks. 1. Get Hit On More Often Research conducted by a psychologist from St Louis's Webster University concluded that people who confidently signalled Read more [...]

Once you've nailed the big decisions like how to split bills, and who does which domestic chore, you might think living together will be a breeze. Wrong. While being together every day brings a multitude of pleasures, you will also experience minor daily dilemmas with relationship ruining potential. Side step these small issues with these eight (no longer unwritten) unwritten rules for living with a partner. 1. Remind Them About Guests If you have made arrangements for a friend to visit, even Read more [...]

Ten years ago, meeting someone online was considered an unusual way of finding a partner. Now with so much of our lives being conducted via the Internet, it seems just as valid to connect with someone virtually as in real-life. As social media has gathered momentum, so has online dating, with singles becoming increasingly comfortable sifting through profiles before chatting online. Recent studies have revealed that subscription and free dating sites are gaining popularity and for many people Read more [...]

You might assume long balmy evenings were the peak time for sultry seduction and sexual pursuits. Surprisingly though, it seems our love lives nose-dive as the weather heats up, then improve later in the year as the temperature drops. Biology and lifestyle changes come together to reduce sexual encounters in the Summer, then raise libido over the colder months. If you're a member of a free online dating site, prepare to experience a boost in profile views, as Jack Frost puts potential partners Read more [...]

It's one of the first fields you'll fill out when completing an online dating profile - your age. And just a few lines down the page, you'll state your prefered age range for potential matches. For many singles, age is one of the most important factors when rating a potential match's compatibility. But is being the same age range really that significant? Here are three other factors that influence relationship success. 1. Life Experience Sharing similar life experiences, the good and Read more [...]

Should Men Pay on a Date? Research from Chapman University, based on data collected from over 17,000 singles responding to an NBC poll, has shown men and women feel conflicted over who should pay for a date. Most Men Pay For Dates According to the study, 84% of men said they paid for most dating expenses, showing that traditional gender roles are alive and well in the 21st century. Strangely, in the same survey, only 58% of women said that men paid for most bills, indicating a large gap in Read more [...]

When you're playing the dating game, the occasional bore-magedon is inevitable. Make the most of it, or learn to escape in style with these...