Online Dating Safety Tips

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Staying safe online
Rock climbing, roller coasters and online dating - they’re a whole bag of fun, excitement and adventure. And just like other thrill-seeking activities, certain precautions are needed to keep you safe. Stay sensible with these top safety tips for online dating. Social Media Security Once someone knows your full name, a little cyber stalking is inevitable. Give yourself a Google to find out what information is publicly available, and consider adjusting the privacy settings on your Facebook updates, Read more [...]

Getting catfished is the ultimate fail of online dating, even worse than receiving a seemingly endless stream of rejections. You're catfished if you fall for someone you meet online, who doesn't actually exist. Imagine the pain of announcing to the world that you've found love on the Internet, only to find out you were being played by a teenage girl with a crush on your profile picture. There are some strange and lonely people out there who get their kicks by creating fake online personas, backing Read more [...]

When you are searching for that perfect match online, it's not just your dating profile you need to manage to make a good impression. Any potential date with Internet access and the slightest interest in you is going to do a little social media stalking. So whether you've just signed up to a matchmaking service, or you've already made it past the first date, here are the social media no nos it's essential to avoid. Signed Up To Multiple Dating Services? Don't use Twitter and Facebook to Read more [...]

After hours searching profiles on free dating sites, and dozens of winks, poke, flirts and messages, it's very exciting to be going on a first date. Here's how to stay safe while getting to know someone knew. Skype First Lots of dating sites recommend you exchange messages, and maybe chat on the phone before you meet up. But isn't that all a bit 2005? Now is the time to try out Skype. You can speak to the person and see what they look like before you meet, so no catfish for you. Background Read more [...]

The photos you upload to your online dating profile, are the most influential factor when it comes to attracting messages from potential dates. No longer...