Pick Up Artist

Funny, clever, or self-depreciating and delivered with a flourish, some chat-up lines have the potential to be the start of a beautiful relationship. Others however will earn you nothing more than a slap round the face. Put Downs It may be touted as an important step when playing the Game, but delivering a put down, before following up with a compliment should not be your arsenal of dating tactics. Any self-respecting lady will completely ignore these lines. 1. I’m not the Read more [...]

It is a much maligned feature of singledom, but there's a lot to be said in favour of the humble chat up line. If you don't know how to break the ice, trotting out a trusted one-liner at least shows the object of your desires that you are interested in them. Delivering a chat-up line, in the right way, can show you have confidence with women, but don't take yourself too seriously. Here are some of the most successful types of chat-up line... Clever Fly against the notion that only Read more [...]

This "dating" thing is tough going. If only someone had written a book on how to do it, or better still, ran some kind of workshop to train up all the dating newbies. Oh wait, there are literally hundreds of books, blogs and seminars dedicated to helping you find that perfect match. But does any of it actually work? What is the Art of Pick-up? Being a pick-up artist is essentially being confident at applying evolutionary psychology principles to the world of dating. The most famous of all Read more [...]

For women, modern dating isn't about slapping on some lipstick, looking pretty and waiting for Prince Charming to ask you for a dance. It's time for girls to get proactive. What Is A PUA? Pick up artists (PUAs) are a secret community of men, schooled in manipulative tactics to get women into bed. They were made famous (or infamous) by Neil Strauss' autobiographical book, The Game: Undercover in the Secret Society of Pickup Artists. These men aren't just forward, they are armed with an arsenal Read more [...]

Dating in the mid-life years is a very different experience when compared to the care-free single days you enjoyed in your twenties. Older, wiser,...