A Word Of Warning About Free Online Dating

Free online dating for singles certainly offer a very appealing opportunity, and with a growing number of free online dating sites in the UK it's easier than ever to get a profile set up within minutes, and start connecting with people who might possibly be 'the one'. But here are a few words of caution before you throw yourself in to the pool.

First of all, regardless of what you might read, the overwhelming majority of people on dating sites are genuine, lovely people, just like you, who are looking to meet people who they wouldn't otherwise bump into during the course of their normal lives.

But of course just because 99% of members are genuine and decent, that sadly doesn't mean everyone is. This of course applies just as much to paid dating sites as free dating websites, but since you’re reading this article it's pretty likely that you've decided at this stage to test the waters of free online dating.

So always be a little cautious, and always take care when meeting someone for the first time. We recommend that before you arrange to meet someone from an online dating site, make sure you've ticked off each item from this list:

  1. You've arranged to meet in a public place
  2. You haven't given the other person your home address (preferably your mobile number, not your home number too).
  3. You've arranged to meet at a sensible time - not too late, so that there are still going to be plenty of people around.
  4. You've arranged to meet at the location, or take a taxi, rather than be picked up by the other person.
  5. You've got your mobile charged up and topped up.
  6. You've told at least one other person where you’re going, who you’re going with, and what time you should be back home.
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