Are Free Online Dating Sites As Successful As Paid Ones?

It's a fair question. After all, most people generally agree with the saying that 'you get what you pay for'. The only question is, is what you pay for what you actually need?

Some people have suggested that free online dating sites aren't as successful as paid sites because people don't tend to put the same effort into their profiles on free dating sites compared to ones for which they have paid a not inconsiderable sum of money.

It's easy to take this argument at face value, nod wisely and reach for the wallet.. but hold it right there, because all is not as it seems. This is false logic.

First of all, if someone has made the effort to look for a free online dating site, has signed up, and has taken the time to create a profile, why should their profile be considered any less genuine, or sincere, or complete as a profile they may have created on a paid site?

If people are looking for love, for friendship or for a date, then it doesn't really matter whether they're paying for it or they're getting a free dating service, they're still going to make the effort to look, and to create an appealing and sincere profile.

More than that though, there is a clear tendency for people to try too hard to get their money's worth on a paid dating site, glossing up their profile and trying to stand out. On free online dating sites there is no risk of losing money, no desperation to be found super fast because of the subscription expense, and so profiles tend to be more genuine, more honest, less 'pushy'.

But there's another point. What incentive does a paid dating site have for getting you matched up with someone?

After all, the sooner you find someone, the sooner you'll be closing your profile and cancelling your subscription. It's actually not in their interest to get you hooked up any time soon!

With free online dating sites it's all about the dating experience, about having fun, and about no pressure.

Free is a lovely word, and when it comes to finding a possible date, it's worth a great deal.

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