Dating Tips And Advice For Men

Dating for men would be so much easier if there wasn't so much bad advice out there, and so many widely held assumptions. If you're looking for online dating tips for men, then here are our recommendations.

1. Be yourself. It is so easy to assume that to be successful with online dating you have to be zany and charismatic, unusual and vibrant. You have to have a sparkling personality, razor sharp wit and enough confidence to sink a boat. All wrong.

Be exactly who you are, because if you don't act naturally then you'll be spotted as a fake within thirty seconds by most people, and disbelieved by many of the rest. If one or two dates do slip through the facade then once the truth is out, it won't be you the woman is attracted to, but the fake personality. And who wants to be fake forever? Too much hard work.

2. Maintain eye contact. And by eye contact, we mean in the right place! Obviously it's good to be caught occasionally glancing elsewhere, because this makes it clear to the woman that you are interested in her, and find her attractive. That's fine, but just don't end up staring at her chest the entire evening!

3. Ask lots of questions, and say less. Make sure you ask plenty of questions about your date. Be interested, find her fascinating and try to understand her. Answer questions if she asks them, and offer the odd thing about you, but make sure you don't end up talking about yourself more than asking about her. Definitely don't try to get the sympathy vote by badmouthing or criticising previous partners!

4. Don't forget the manners, but don't be too proud either. Yes, it's fine to open the door for her, let her go first, stand when she stands and offer to pay. But if your date insists on paying half, or holds a door open for you, don't be too proud to accept gratefully with a pleasant smile!

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