Dating Tips For The Over Forties

For the huge number of people who, either as a result of a successful but all consuming career, or a previous marriage which hasn't lasted quite as long as hoped, dating in your forties represents a new challenge, and one for which many people don't feel fully prepared.

In your teens and early twenties you expect to have dates, to get nervous, to fluff a chat up line, get stood up or find a promising relationship doesn't even make it past the second weekend. You're prepared for the embarrassment, the awkwardness, the heartbreak and the confusion. It's part of the whole package of being young, but when you hit forty and you find yourself back in the dating game, it all feels very different.

You've built your life up, created a fully rounded and pretty unchangeable character. You've developed habits, and a few wrinkles, you're probably pretty stuck in your ways, and you may have even developed a slightly selfish streak if you've been single for a while.

But the thing to remember is that dating in your forties or older isn't the same game as when you're younger. The people you're going to meet are pretty much in the same boat as you, and there are an awful lot of people like you.

In fact dating in your forties is now more common than at any other time, and with many free online dating sites offering people of that age a convenient way of meeting others, it's something that really doesn't have to be that scary.

Remember, the people you're going to meet are usually much more stable, more reliable, more confident, have life experiences to discover, and aren't usually playing the dating game on a whim.

If you're in your forties and you're not sure whether to join a dating site, just remember that there are thousands of other people your age just like you waiting to connect. Dating in your forties is like dating in your twenties, but without the stress, and with more rounded characters to discover.

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