Do Free Dating Sites Really Work?

There are plenty of free dating sites around the internet which allows users to interact with other users absolutely free and the only way for free dating sites to make money is via displaying adverts on their site.

Some say that user profiles on free dating sites are not as glamours looking as the ones on paid dating sites because when the users pay, they will put in more effort in making their dating profile stand out. This might not be entirely true as Match Me Happy has many UK single profiles where the user has taken their time in completing their profile in order to attract other singles as they are serious about dating and finding love. If a user is genuinely looking to date and find romance, he or she will most certainly put in their time and effort to complete their profile as much as they can whether they are using a free dating website or a paid one.

A good example of a free dating site clearly working would be plenty of fish dating site. To start with, plenty of fish was 100% free and it managed to attract millions of singles. One of many reason which paid dating sites might not like or agree with the free ones is that the free dating sites are taking many users away from registering with them and in their case, each user is equal to money. When something is free and just as good, why pay to get the same service?!

Volume on some of the free dating sites speaks for itself as surely millions of people joining free dating sites like POF or Match Me Happy can not be wrong.

Paid dating websites might have more users to start with only because they have the money to advertise on newspapers, TV and other sources of advertising but it is a matter of time for free dating sites to catch them up and they usually do. Free dating sites capture those users who can not afford to pay and that member who could not pay might be your true love.

No one has ever had to go to a bar or club and pay to chat to someone that they are interested in so why not use the same approach on an online dating site!

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