First Date Ideas That Don't Cost A Fortune

If you've signed up with a free online dating site and you've completed your profile so that it's interesting and genuine, your next probable step is to start planning a few first dates.

Now let's be honest, you're going to have a lot of first dates, but much fewer second dates. The first dates are when you find out whether the person you've been chatting to is really the same in real life, and whether they Photoshopped their photos!

If you recently won the lottery then you may be fine with meeting all your first dates in expensive restaurants, or going to the cinema and forking out for a dustbin of popcorn and a barrel of coke, but this can all get quite expensive. I've known some people have three or four first dates in a week, and it adds up.

So here are a few ideas which, whilst not suitable for everybody, might help prompt you to consider some first date ideas you could choose which don't cost a fortune.

Oh, and if you think that your date will be less than impressed if you fail to splash the cash, you might just ask yourself whether they're really right for you!

  1. Go for a bike ride. If the weather's nice, bag up a picnic and head off for a country cycle ride somewhere nice.
  2. Pick fruit. Grab a punnet and go 'pick your own' strawberries or blackberries.
  3. Grab some sausages, a £5 outdoor barbecue pack, and have hotdogs on the beach.
  4. Visit a museum or an art gallery. These are almost always free, and if you have a shared interest they could offer a great opportunity. Check out local exhibitions that are on too.
  5. Go antique shopping. Browsing the antique shops, punctuated by a tea break at a local tea shop, doesn't have to result in you buying a priceless work of art every time!
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