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Dating Disaster? Should I Give it Another Chance? It was the date from hell! The second hand on the clock ticked by so slowly you felt like eons had passed. Or maybe you dribbled red wine down the front of your cream dress, then became so absorbed in your self-consciousness that you totally failed to keep up with the conversation. Perhaps you, or they, or both of you, had a few too many drops of Dutch courage, and ended the date sliding out of a taxi, before your flatmate dragged you back in through Read more [...]

When you're setting up a free online dating account, your profile pictures are worth more than a thousand words. Physical appearance is an important aspect of online dating. But in addition to this, your profile picture communicates so much about your personality and lifestyle are. Find out how to strike the perfect pose, and deliver the message you intend with a flattering photo. Do It Yourself Taking a selfie can be easier than modelling for someone else. In the privacy of your own home Read more [...]

For the millions of people across the world subscribing to a free dating site, technology may be their route to love. But what if you didn't need technology to find you a partner? What if technology was your partner? This is the storyline behind a new film from writer and director Spike Jonze, Her, in which a lonely middle-aged writer (Joaquin Phoenix) falls in love with his computer's automated Siri-like voice (Scarlett Johansson). What makes the film so gripping, is its proximity to real-life. For Read more [...]

What can economics teach us about finding love? No money changes hands on a free dating site, but it's a market just the same, where the principles of economics apply just as they do to the housing or jobs markets. Here are the economic dynamics you should be aware of, and how to respond to make your online dating experience a positive one. Supply And Demand Imagine the users of an online dating site plotted on a supply and demand graph. The age runs along the x-axis, and the number of Read more [...]

Whether you're in the throes of an all-consuming love affair, or still on the hunt for the perfect match, there's plenty of relationship and dating advice to be found on Twitter. Here's a rundown of the top 12 love experts and what they tweet about. @YourTango Your Tango is a New York-based online community for women, dedicated to love and relationships. The site features regular blog posts about a variety of relationship stages, from making the most of free online dating sites, through Read more [...]

The online dating industry is well established, but fiercely competitive. In a bid to carve out a niche market, a number of 'specialist' sites have sprung up in the US and UK, and some of them are really freaky. Here's a rundown of the top eight most peculiar online dating sites the Web has to offer. 1. Gluten Free Singles This dating site is weirdly specialised, but there is sound logic behind the idea of pairing gluten-free followers. Following a gluten-free diet, whether out of medical Read more [...]

Ten years ago, meeting someone online was considered an unusual way of finding a partner. Now with so much of our lives being conducted via the Internet, it seems just as valid to connect with someone virtually as in real-life. As social media has gathered momentum, so has online dating, with singles becoming increasingly comfortable sifting through profiles before chatting online. Recent studies have revealed that subscription and free dating sites are gaining popularity and for many people Read more [...]

You might assume long balmy evenings were the peak time for sultry seduction and sexual pursuits. Surprisingly though, it seems our love lives nose-dive as the weather heats up, then improve later in the year as the temperature drops. Biology and lifestyle changes come together to reduce sexual encounters in the Summer, then raise libido over the colder months. If you're a member of a free online dating site, prepare to experience a boost in profile views, as Jack Frost puts potential partners Read more [...]

Once upon a time, courtship rituals were pretty universal. A big, hairy caveman showed off his muscles and food catching ability to the woman of his dreams, took her back to his swanky new cave and the deal was done. Courtship rituals have evolved a lot over the last few thousand years and in that time, some pretty unusual traditions have been invented. In an age without the Internet and before free online dating sites, lusty young singles invented some pretty weird customs for wooing their Read more [...]

The laws of probability dictate that the more online dating profiles you sift through then the more likely you are to find love, right? Wrong. If we apply Barry Schwartz's Paradox of Choice, there comes a point at which having too much choice prohibits us from making a good decision. Limited Choice Makes Decision-Making Easy Imagine you visit an ice cream parlour and they have half a dozen flavours for you to choose from; coffee, mint choc chip, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and mango. It's Read more [...]


Robert Palmer made it sound so cool when he sang about being 'Addicted To Love'. Who doesn't love the feelings of excitement and passion...